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Fanny Jane Crosby

Aunt Fanny, as everyone called her, was a happy spirit in spite of her blindness. Her sightless eyes made her determined to see everyone she met with "Jesus Eyes." She wrote some 8,000 hymns, many of which are some of our old time favroites, such as "Blessed Assurance," "To God Be The Glory," and "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross." We know her as the mother of congregational singing. "The Queen of Gosepl Hymns."

In this drama, Fanny looks back over her long life, sharing some of the stories behind her hymns, and singing them for you. She demonstrates her lively sense of humor that kept her faith vibrant in the midst of hardship.

Length: 40 Minutes

Gracia Burnham

In 2001, Gracia and Martin Burnham were missionaries to the Phillipenes, when they were taken captove by islamic terrorists and help catpive for 376 days.

In the rescue, Martin was killed and Gracia was wounded. This drama dramatically portrays the heroic survival and the lessons learned in those 376 days. You will be touched by this drama.

Length: 50 Minutes


In the book of Hosea, God tells his prophet Hosea to marry a prostitue. After her marriage to Hosea, Gomer returns to her former life of prostitution. When no one wants her, she is sold on the slave market and God asks Hosea to go buy her back and bring her home.

Thi is a gripping story of God's love to each of us.

Length: 50 Minutes

Mary Mother of Jesus

Mary, young, frightened and alone. This is how Mary, the mother of Jesus, rmembers those days after the angel's visit. She will recount for you the day her first-born Son is taken and crucified. When Jesus cries out from the cross, "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" Mary too cries out to her heavenly father, "My God, y god, wht have you forskane me?"

Mary will sing for you "Mary;s Song" when she has divine assurance from the kinswoman, Elizabeth, that this is not just a dream, but it is God.

You will be moved by this recounting of Mary and how she must have felt.

Length: 40 Minutes

Dale Evans, "Queen of the West"

Dale Evans life story is one of great inspiration. Although she was Hollywood's Queen of the West and a household name, her life was filled with many heartaches. Her first child was born mongoloid and two more of her children died tragically.

You willbe moved and touched by the faith of this woman.

Length: 50 Minutes


"Grace that is greater than all of our sins."

How would you describe Bathsheba? Would you say, "adultress, seducer, the one that caused the mighty King David to sin?" This description would be true, but she is willing to bare her soul before you so that you might add one more word to describe her - "Grace."

Can you imagine the heartache that she suffered to see her husband Uriah killed and her child dying, all because of one moment of sin? Yet, in God's wonderful grace, she becomes the mother of King Solomon. Proverbs 31 tells us that it was his mother that taught him the proverbs and oracles.

Length: 50 Minutes


This is a heart warming, humorous and touching drama of everyone's Granny! One moment you will be laughing, and the next moment you will be crying.

Betty begins this drama with her famous true Grandma stories of her own grandsons, as well as other true Grnadma stories she has heard across the country.

The second part of this drama is the recounting of her own maternal Granny, who taught her the dep spiritual truths.

Length: 40 Minutes

Corrie Ten Boom - A Modern Day Disciple

Corrie Ten Boom is a legend in our time. Corrie, along with her family, was imprisoned for the "crime" of hiding jewish refugees in their home in holland during Wolrd War II. This is the story of one woman who suffered in the Nazi Concentration Camps and lost everything, including her aged father and beloved sister, Betsy.

Length: 55 Minutes

Darlene Diebler
(Missionary Story)

This is a moving and unbelievable missionary story of one woman's incredible faith in a Japanese prison camp during Wolrd War II.

"I will never leave you nor forsake you" was the scripture that sustained her during those years of horrific torture and the loss of her husband.

You will thrill at the "banana story" that saved her life.

Length: 50 Minutes

Queen Esther

Have you ever wondered why you were placed here on earth? Have you ever felt that God could not possibly take your circumstances and make anything good from it? Then, Queen Ester is for you.

A young jewish girl became the queen of the most powerful nation in the known world, and was placed ther "for such a time as this" to save her jewish people from all ebing murdered. She risked her own life to do what she felt God wanted her to do.

Length: 55 Minutes


Ruth is a beautiful story of how God has a plan for our lives. Ruth, a young widow who was willing to give up her homeland, her family and her people to follow her mother-in-law to a country that was not her own.

God took this willing heart and made it into a heart for Him. She was to find a new life and new love, which she had never dreamed would be possible, and eventually became in the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

Length: 55 Minutes

Rahab - The God Of A Second Chance

Rahab is a touching story of a woman who had a seond chance. She was a prostitute and yet when she found the Lord, she is mentioned in the New Testament in the bloodline of Jesus Christ.

So many people think that they can never be forgiven of their past, and this drama portrays the wonderful grace of God. We truly have a God of a Seond Chance.

Length: 40 Minutes

Jochebed, Mother of Moses

Can you imagine how Jochebed, the mother of Moses, must have felt when she placed her tiny infant son in the bulrushes inthe Nile River? This drama is fresh and unique, straight from the heart of a mother. This teaches obedience to all daughters and complete trust in God to every mother.

Length: 35 Minutes

Betsy Ross

This is a story of the woman who was asked by general George Washington to design a flag for the newly formed nation. Betsy was a woman who knew what it was to give up a loved one for her country, having lost 3 husbands in wars.

This is a story of how our country was founded on Biblical principals. Each of our foudning fathers did not think you could be called an American if you were not a Christian.

Length: 30 Minutes

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